New York. Sydney. Melbourne.

Known internationally as some of the most hyper-actively vibrant, multi-cultured hubs of the modern world, it only makes sense that their music culture is equally as renowned, diverse, and magical.

It’s no surprise that many of these cities’ most talented and eclectic musicians take to the streets to perform and earn a living. From the 9 year old violinist, playing under the watchful eye of his lovingly proud father, to the aged rocker reliving his glory days by crooning to bystanders, jamming outside the shopping centre with his favourite ’67 Les Paul plugged into a tiny 30 watt amp – something compels these musicians to keep coming back.

Despite the sheer force that upholds the reputation of such a city however, it is so rare to find a man or woman who has truly embraced their passion in life.
They can come from anywhere, everywhere. All locations, all ages, all wallet sizes.

These people need to be known. They need to be celebrated.
They all come here to do one thing. Music.
And that’s what Downtown Tracks is here to do.

We aim to get to know who they are – known to thousands daily, as the composers of the soundtrack to that scene, in that life, on that day.

We are here to show the world what the streets have to offer. To showcase the raw talent that sits on a milk crate in the Central Station tunnel, flooding the air around them with sound and beauty.

It’s time we stopped overhearing, and started listening.

The Team:

Joshua Harper

Lee Mitchell

Slane Hatch

Julien Melendez

Lauren Ziegler


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