Maeflower – Thinkin’ ’bout You

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Maeflower – A transient place between past and future soul. Popular sensibilities defined by the very concept that sound should move us all.

Having only recently begun her career after graduating from The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, these first months of Maeflower’s existence have kept her and her band very busy. Playing numerous shows around Melbourne at iconic venues such as Cherry Bar, The Toff In Town, Ding Dong Lounge, The Prince, The Grace Darling and more, whilst also finding time to write and record her debut EP.

The EP, which is set for release in 2014, is an introduction to a world of future soul, as defined by one person’s looking glass and characterised by honesty in melody and lyric. Mixed and produced by long-time friend and collaborator Alexander Laska (KINGSWOOD), the self-titled EP combines her natural inclination for song writing and a voice that pays tribute to the greats of the past and present from Etta James to Alicia Keys, from Billie Holiday to Frank Ocean.





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