Bonez – Snake Eyes

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Bonez sound like they’ve playing together for a lot longer than six months. They also sound like they’re a lot older than they are, and from a very different time and place. They’ve travelled throughout the country, enticing Australia to prick up its ears, shake its hips and stomp its feet. It’s hard not to move, listening to the amazing ruckus.

It’s the kind of music you might hear in some small town, in a dingy dive bar with dim red lights and candles melting wax all over the little round tables. They make you wanna dance. They make you wanna drink; maybe some red wine, maybe some whiskey.

There’s a refreshingly raw energy, which matches the tantalising, bluesy beats. Just as happy on the stage as they are busking on the streets, it’s obvious that these guys love their music. Distortion-laden and epic rock one second, wistfully melodic blues the next – the flow is seamless. Their sound is from a diverse, unique place, and they want you to join them there.

Listen to Bonez. It’s fun, it’s sexy. Listen to them on the streets, on the stage, at dusk or at dawn. They know what it’s about, and they’re band worth remembering.

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