Inky Fingers – Oil Can

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Set amidst the brilliant lights of Vivid Sydney, Inky Fingers is a bit of a sonic enigma. The music is interesting, structurally and musically – moreso than many other r ‘n b artists. It’s jazz, really. And lovely jazz at that. Rapping – particularly Australian rap – is rarely accompanied by tones and chords chords like this, but there’s a first for everything. Anything is possible in the world of mash-ups and remixes; seeing this highly original style played live is quite the sight.

The melody trickles up and down the guitar, with a non-repetitive structure, unexpected tones and a pure, contemplative sound. The dazzling lights and buzzing voices of passerbys contrasts and complements the music all at once – perfectly so.

Who said that rapping all needed to be about bitches and partying? Inky Fingers’ brand of Aussie hip hop is mellow and soft, sentimental and heartfelt – the lyrics suit the deep melody behind it. It’s a love song, about deep devotion and adoration.

Listen to these opposing styles flow together, joining forces to create a truly unique sound. The music isn’t just orginal, it’s emotional; it’s honest. There’s beauty in the honesty, heard throughout the music.

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