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Jack Man Friday is named after a Robinson Crusoe novel. That’s pretty cool.

Luckily, so is his music.

Jack has released an EP and is gathering a loyal band of followers, but watching him live is something else. He loops his beatboxing under choral harmonies. He adds the bass, looping that too. Then he strums his guitar, and starts to sing. Boy, can he sing.

It doesn’t sound like he’s just a guy on a street, with a couple pedals and a guitar. But thousands have seen him do it – he plays anywhere, anytime, to anyone, and he’s got stories to match.

Jack has formed his own eclectic style. It’s diverse in all the right ways– frantic and engulfing at times, pristinely meditative at others. His recorded sounds are refined and beautiful, and the rawness of his live performance is unforgettable.

Jack Man Friday is serene. His music is perfect for so many occasions. Whether you’re enjoying your Tuesday afternoon lunch break in the park, or struggling to find that taxi home at 5 am, his beats and his sounds will let you close your eyes, smile, and remember that there’s a lot of passion in the world around us.

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