Kallidad – Wild, Wild Western

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Close your eyes. Picture yourself in Seville, Spain.

It’s a balmy night by the river, perfect for a party. Multicoloured lanterns throw brilliant reflections across the water. There’s laughter, there’s chatter, there’s dancing. A dark-haired woman gets up, puts her sangria down and stands in front of the band. Poised, she raises one hand above her head, and one out front. She clicks her fingers. A guitarist starts to strum, a furious flamenco rhythm. Her feet begin to move with the rhythm, her red dress swishes around in a flash of colour. It’s wild, sexy, intoxicating.

Open your eyes. You’re back in Sydney. There’s no lanterns, there’s no street party. But there is Kallidad, and their music is a fiesta unto itself. The Bondi trio have a flair for fast, fun flamenco inspired music. It’s not something you see very often on Sydney’s streets. It makes you want to dance. And why fight the urge?
There’s no messing around here.

Their frantic rhythms and beats are entrancing – you’ll be drawn in straight away. The dreadlocks and face paint only add to the lunacy – enticing for the eyes, not just the ears.
Keep an eye on Kallidad.

They want you to look at them, they want you to dance. When you hear them, you will too.

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