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Morgan O’Kane

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He tours and records in a band, but he plays on the streets whenever he can. For four years, Morgan has been busking for a living. He doesn’t want to do anything else, and he shouldn’t. He was born to play to the people – and they listen to him.

He’s got tattoos, a scruffy beard, fingers that won’t slow down, and legs that won’t stop tapping. Morgan is as fun to watch as he is to hear. He uses a tambourine as a bass drum, his voice is timelessly deep and rich. It’s music that makes people stop in the street to dance. After you hear it, you’ll be doing the same.

If you heard him from afar, you’d think there was more going on than one guy from Virginia. If you heard him from afar, you’d pick up your pace so you don’t miss a thing. Well, you might miss the next train or two – it’s worth getting home a bit late for this.

Recounting words of wisdom from an older street musician to Morgan, he told us “Never trust anybody that doesn’t enjoy music.”

Morgan O’Kane is a very trustworthy man.

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