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There’s talent, and then there’s Talent.

Nope, that’s not an audio illusion. Those fingers are tapping those strings like they were born to do nothing else. Sam Westphalen’s parents most likely put a guitar in his hands before he could talk – you don’t learn this kind of skill. You can’t.

Sam is part percussionist, part guitar virtuoso, all phenomenal. Whilst he has garnered over half a million YouTube views, MC Hammer himself retweeted his cover of ‘U can’t touch this’ and has played Peats Ridge festival, he can still often be found busking around the streets of Sydney – a true testament to his sheer passion for music for the sake of music, which is so rare to find today.

Here, he was filmed on Eddy Ave, right near the Australian Institue of Music where he honed his skills into the precision player he has become. At the young age of 23, he puts many established guitarists to shame. Hear him play through a hugely diverse range of covers from the Spice Girls, Billy Idol to Kiss and even Slayer. Add his own compositions to this, and you have the makings of one damn fine musician.

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